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About Yolk:

Yolk is a unique and new offering servicing residents who have a passion for the best cuisine London can provide and enjoying it in the comfort of their own home or garden, as a family or with good friends.

Partnering with a growing collection of some of London’s best luxury restaurants we aim to deliver the best menus in town in a fast and efficient manner straight to your door. With our unique heating system only Yolk can guarantee to deliver your food at a temperature dictated by the chef who cooked it! With our patented silicone heater mats connected to the bike’s battery we can deliver food at a constant temperature and present to you just as you would enjoy in the restaurant.

On the App you can track your riders’ journey in real time whilst also checking the temperature of your food on its journey to you. The App is very easy to use allowing you to search by area, cuisine or even by a specific restaurant. The App will remember what you ordered last time so you can just repeat the order. See more at https://www.yolkdelivery.co.uk/

Challenging times requires an ingenious solution:

The pandemic the world has been facing since early 2020 made delivery services a lot more common – if not essential - for some business. And that's the case for restaurants. Without being able to open their doors to the public, delivery service was the only way some restaurants managed to stay in business.

However, delivery is not a perfect solution for every kind of meal, specially for high-end cuisine. It's a tremendous challenge to deliver a dish maintaining the same standards expected from the restaurant. That’s where Yolk comes in, assuring dishes at the highest standards expected from the best cuisines on your doorstep. This requires not only a fast delivery but a complete experience from the moment the order is made until the doorbell rings.

An unique service:

Yolk offers a complete platform for luxury restaurants to deliver their menu across London offering a top notch remote delivery service. Not only it provides a user friendly Mobile Application for customers to do quick searches and place orders, it also offers a web restaurant order management system along with a complete delivery solution where the riders have they own Mobile Application and the bikes are equipped with a unique heating system. This way a customer can expect the order to be at its highest standard and track it in real-time from the minute it was requested until the arrival at his doorstep.

Such a complex and fully integrated solution can only be done by a handful of teams. It requires extensive expertise in both Mobile and Web application and advanced skills in technologies like Geo-reference, Maps, Real Time Location and Complex Order Management Systems. DevMaker’s team know-how and expertise was paramount to make Yolk come to life in a very short window of time.

"Since the beginning I could count on DevMaker as a partner, helping us on every step of the way to make Yolk come true. From the very first features to the complete and fully integrated delivery platform that Yolk became."

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Bernardo Braga
Founder - Yolk - London

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